Policies – B004

B-004 : Twelve Month Board Agenda


  • Public Hearing for the purpose of fixing the ad valorem property tax rates for Richmond Heights Memorial Municipal Library
  • Introduction of New Board Members


  • Second Hearing to levy and establish the rate of annual taxes for Library purposes to be collected in the next calendar year
  • Discussion of Board Objectives for the Year
  • Plan the year’s activities
  • Appoint Standing Committees


  • Report on Library Cooperation, Reciprocal Borrowing


  • Review the Library’s Financial Situation – Plan

December – No Meeting


January (Revolving Reviews)

  • (each three years) Conduct user survey and library needs assessment.
  • (each five years) Conduct community needs assessment.
  • (each five years) Conduct library space needs assessment.


  • Review Board By-Laws, Mission Statement • Perform Annual review of Policies and Regulations


  • Perform Public Services Plan Review (To be performed by both Board and Staff)


  • Personnel Policies and Regulations Review


  • Budget presentation and Approval
  • Evaluation of Director


  • Election of New Officers
Adopted by the Richmond Heights Memorials Library Board of Trustees, October 21, 2002
Reviewed and adopted by Board of Trustees, January 2003
Revised and adopted by Board of Trustees, September, 2005
Reviewed and adopted by Board of Trustees, March, 2015