Policies – C006

C-006 : Confidentiality of Patron Records

The Board of Trustees of the Richmond Heights Memorial Library recognizes patron circulation records and other records identifying the names of library users to be confidential in nature.

Each patron has individual control over his or her borrower’s card and presentation of the card permits access to information about the borrower’s current circulation record.

The Board of Trustees of the Richmond Heights Memorial Library advises all Library staff that without presentation of the borrower’s card, such records shall not be made available to any individual, organization, agency of state, federal or local government except in response to a valid court order or subpoena as may be authorized under the authority of, and pursuant to, federal, state, or local law relating to civil, criminal, or administrative discovery procedures or legislative investigative power.

Any such requests for information from a borrower’s record must be referred to the Library Director. Evaluation of the request and decision to respond shall be the responsibility of the Director or staff designated by the Director.

This statement is in adherence to Missouri State Statutes 182.815 and 182.817.

Adopted by the Richmond Heights Memorial Library
Board of Trustees
October 19, 2009

Reviewed and adopted by Board of Trustees, March, 2015