Policies – E007

E-007 : Staff Selling and Soliciting in the Library

It is recognized that library employees may engage in the sale of goods or services outside of their employment with the Library. It is never appropriate to solicit business from staff or patrons during Library work time. Soliciting business from patrons during off-work time while on Library property is not permitted; however, staff may offer their business card if requested. Information regarding personal business and contact information may be distributed to other employees by placing business and contact information on the staff bulletin board, posting information regarding the business, off-work hours, and contact information, or by leaving catalogs or brochures in the staff room. Oral and/or written invitations to product parties, sending out of information through Library email, interoffice mail, or display of items for sale are not permitted on Library property.

Adopted by the Richmond Heights Memorial Library Board of Trustees April 17, 2000
Reviewed and adopted by Board of Trustees, March, 2015