Policies – C005

C-005 : Public Internet Use Policy

The Internet is a vast, global resource that is useful in meeting the education, information and recreation needs of society. It is within this context that the Richmond Heights Memorial Library offers access to the Internet.

Users should be aware that not all information found on the Internet is complete, accurate or current. Some information may be controversial or objectionable. In compliance with the Federal Child Internet Protection Act and Missouri State Law, the Library has installed filtering software on our Internet connection. Filtering software reduces the likelihood of accessing objectionable material, but filtering software is imperfect. Whereas the Library staff may recommend reliable sites, they cannot guarantee the suitability of the links on these sites. Ultimately, users are accountable for the sites they access.

Parents or guardians, not Library staff, are ultimately responsible for material accessed by their children. Parents with children under age 16 must sign an Internet Permission Form granting their children access to the Library’s Internet computers. It is recommended that parents spend time with their children online and establish their own standards for Internet use.

We support the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998, which makes unlawful the disclosure of personal information collected via a website, from a child, without express parental permission. Parents should be aware of and discuss with their children the dangers of giving out personal information on the Internet when using email, social networking sites, chat rooms, or other forms of communication via the Internet.

Patrons viewing material on the Internet, that in the judgment of Library staff is degrading to other patrons or pornographic to minors, will be asked to remove the material from the computer screen. Failure to comply with this request may result in suspension of Internet access for that patron at the discretion of the Library staff. Computer users may not tamper with nor perform any acts that would jeopardize the integrity of the Library’s computers, the computers of others, or any computer network. Making any change to the setup or configuration of the hardware or software of Library computers is strictly prohibited.

Library computers, the Library’s Internet access and network may not be used for illegal purposes. Illegal acts include but are not limited to hacking, copyright infringement, fraud, libel, slander, harassment, invasion of privacy, or public display of materials that may be deemed unlawful under federal or state statutes.

Failure to comply with the Library’s regulations regarding Internet usage may result in a loss of computer privileges in accordance with administrative policy, Suspension of Internet Privileges, and the Library Board Policy, Patron Behavior in the Library.

Adopted by the Richmond Heights Memorial Library
Board of Trustees
Reviewed and adopted by Board of Trustees, March, 2015