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October Book Review


Genuine Fraud

By E. Lockhart

Review by: Betsy
This YA novel stars an initially likeable, scrappy anti-hero. Although struggling financially, Jules thinks nothing of leaving a forty dollar tip, ‘cause she’s just nice like that. She makes friends wherever she travels, is equally at home in a high-end hotel or the sketchiest of neighborhoods, and tends to daydream her way out of painful realities. The reader quickly learns that Jules is in mourning for the best friend she worshiped, who has recently died tragically, that she has lost her scholarship and her parents, and that she is running from…something. Her nomadic flight is one of the more enjoyable aspects to the story, as the book reads at times as an off-the-beaten path style travelogue. Lockhart throws plenty of plot twists at the reader, relating Jules’ history in reverse chronological order, with the time intervals between scenes shortening as the novel hurtles towards the beginning and the reader increasingly anxious to discover at last what has happened and why.

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