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December Book Review



By Marie Lu

        Review by: Betsy

Marie Lu's newest book features Emika Chen, hacker-extraordinaire and bounty hunter, who barely manages to pay the rent by capturing gamers who owe big money to her beloved virtual reality/global competition/entertainment complex, Warcross. Emika herself hacks into Warcross regularly, using an encrypted alias, and when the story begins she inadvertently inserts herself onto the global Warcross arena. Though fearing fines, Emika is instead invited to Tokyo to participate as a wild-card player by the games’ young creator, Hideo, a reclusive billionaire. Once in Tokyo, however, Emika learns that Hideo wants her help apprehending Zero, a mysterious hacker poised to take over Warcross. Although I’m not a gamer, the descriptions of the Warcross technology are fascinating and the characters, especially the other gamers Emika teams up with as she hunts Zero, are a lot of fun.

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