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  January Book Review

Butterflies in November

by Auður Ava Ólafsdóttir

Review by: Cindy

Translated from it's original Icelandic, this novel is about a woman who is seeking a reprieve in her life.  She longs for a tropical vacation away from her work as an editor and translator.  Instead, she is dumped by her husband and quickly ends up on a wacky cross-country road-trip around the coast of Iceland with her best friend's 4-year deaf son - whom she barely knows.  The books tells of their zany adventures and misadventures involving a butterfly,  several goldfish, a kitten, incessant rain, dead sheep and so much more.

It's a funny story-line that will keep you amused, but it's also about finding your way in life.  Interestingly, the narrator never actually reveals her name, only those of every other character in the book. I recommend it, but just be aware that it ends very abruptly and makes you wish there was more resolution.

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